Living in Spain – The world was a different place in 1992

petersens in spain

The world was a different place in 1992. The World Trade Towers in New York City stood proudly, Columbine was the name of an alpine flower and Osama bin Laden was unknown.

It was the year that the Petersen family packed up their earthly belongings and moved to Barcelona, Spain. Tajma our cat was placed lovingly in a carrier and sent to Barcelona on a different flight so as to avoid British quarantine demands and Sheriff and Shasta (the two dogs) were sent to live in Canada and Chico respectively. We were on the adventure of our lives.

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Have wanderlust, will travel

earth from spaceHave you got that urge to just get up and go and experience a new part of the country? Or even the world? How about that far end of the local mall that you’ve never been before? It’s not uncommon for one to seek out the unknown, leave your comfort zone, and see what’s out there.

For many the journey stops almost as quick as it begins, staying in a fancy hotel room, ordering room service, and watching TV. For others, it’s getting your hands dirty and feeling what it’s like to not just see the culture that surrounds you, but experience it.

Wanderlust (Middle High German: wandern, to wander, and Lust, desire) is a German loanword. It is commonly defined as a strong desire to travel, or, of having a strong desire to explore the world.

Think you’ve got it? Most immigrants do. There’s a “push and pull factor” that affects the human population.

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