Weathervane at Sunset


Walking up a hill in Escondido, Ca, the striking contrast and sillhouette of the weathervane against the Southern California sunset was breathtaking. Views like this one really make you slow down, and appreciate the life around you.

No love from the airports. New “kiss and drop” fees

An airport in England has started charging airline passengers to “kiss and drop” zone outside its main terminal.

All drivers, including taxis, will have to fork out STG1 ($A2.07) for spending up to 10 minutes in the drop-off zone at Luton Airport, north of London. It’s the first of it’s kind in England, but isn’t likely to be the last. This comes after the airport recently introduced other charges, ranging from baggage trollies to the ability to jump security queues and needing plastic bags for your liquids in your carry ons.

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Paying for the experience?

I’d venture to say that most people that read this blog travel extensively – or at least have an interest in travelling. It’s also quite likely that you plan out your trips, and do your research. If you’re like me, you’ll spend countless hours researching how best to do a certain activity, and how to do it the most economical way possible. But are there times when you should just loosen your belt, open your wallet, and pay for the experience?

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Two big movie premieres in two days. Why Sydney?

I’m a pretty big movie buff, and a hardcore trekkie (nerd alert!) to boot. Last night, at the Sydney Opera House, J.J. Abrams and the cast of the new Star Trek movie had their world debut. The red carpet was rolled out, reporters were everywhere, but sadly, I was unable to attend.
Today, Hugh Jackman and the cast of the new X Men Origins movie are premering the movie at the famous Cockatoo Island, in the middle of the harbour – one of set locations for the movie.

So why Sydney? Is it because each film features a prominent Australian actor (Star Trek has Eric Bana, while Xmen has Hugh Jackman)? Is it because of the favourable exchange rate between the American and Australian dollar? Or is it because Sydney is truly a destination city, and people (actors and directors included) want to find an excuse to travel here?

Whatever it may be, Sydney seems to have been getting a lot of press lately. It’s a good thing too, the Australian economy needs all the help it can get, and showcasing two big movie world premieres in some of the most scenic parts of Sydney is likely to do some good. As for the movies, I’m excited to see both, but Star Trek – that’s the one I’ll be in line for on opening night. Yes, I’m a trekkie. And proud of it.

My trip back to America. Three reasons why I don’t miss it


My long hiatus on the site has been the result of a 2 week holiday back to the States. Back to visit family, to visit my 2 week old niece, and to further plan for my upcoming wedding in September. It was a good trip; no a great trip, but it was a whirlwind of a trip nonetheless. Two weeks of nonstop activities has me longing for a holiday from my holiday.

It’s good to be home though. It’s very good to be home. While I miss my friends and family, and always will, I’ve realised that Australia fits me. It’s a really good fit actually. Fifteen minutes into my drive from the Los Angeles airport, I remembered why I was always frustrated on Southern California highways. Fifteen minutes into a shopping experience at a local mall in San Diego, I remembered why an economy of scale has its positives and negatives. Fifteen minutes after I left, I remembered that I’m 7,000 miles away from my closest friends and family.

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