Lighting and electrical decisions

Low Voltage Downlight

Our electical appointment last Monday including all things ‘powered’. Of course, lighting choices were included in this appointment. Without the help of our wonderful Metricon advisor, we would have been lost and completely confused.

It’s amazing all the things you need to think about when wiring a house – most of it I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. The number of lights in a room, the light spacing, where to put the switches for said lights – it’s mind boggling!

Here’s a few tips I’ve got after going through this exhausting meeting…

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Does building a house test your relationship?

house construction

We’ve been told by many people that’s there’s not much in life more difficult than going through the build process – especially when it comes to making compromises with your partner.

Megan and I have somewhat similar tastes when it comes to decorating and design. It has made many of the decisions we’ve had to make thus far relatively simple.

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Internals & Electricals appointment with Metricon

Happy Australia Day to everyone! Get off the computer and enjoy the day! BBQ, drink beer, and celebrate everything Australian (after reading this blog post of course).

We had our internals and electricals appointment with Metricon yesterday. Surprisingly, it wasn’t nearly as tedious as we had expected it to be. While we don’t have any final numbers, we are sure to have spent quite a bit more money – also not surprising.

I think the reason why yesterday wasn’t taxing or overwhelming was due in part to the amount of research and preparation we did leading up to it. We took advantage of Studio M’s “open preview days” (Saturdays from 10a-3p), and multiple trips to Di Lorenzo to best prepare for what we went through yesterday…

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Two days above 40c. What about Air Conditioning?

air conditioning unit at metriconIt has reached 43c the last two days. Thank god for this southerly change, which dropped the temperature 26 degrees over the last hour and half. It’s made the house comfortable again, and given me the energy back to be able to post again.

We went out to the display homes again today, in preparation for our internals/electricals appointment on Monday. We were there to look at the tiles, the lights, the cabinetry etc, but I couldn’t help but look at what sort of A/C has been installed in the display home. The A/C they had installed at the display home was a monster! It was taller than I.

The predicament I’ve got now is finding an A/C unit that will properly cool the house. We’ll have a bit of time to figure out, but I suppose it’s worth to start looking now…

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Choosing our flooring at Di Lorenzo

tiling di lorenzo

Di Lorenzo has become our second home. In fact, I think if I were to ask for a cup of tea and a bedtime story, they’d happily oblige.

Ok, so maybe not, but we HAVE spent quite a bit of time there recently to better understand what sort of tiling and carpeting we’re working with and what to expect from “Category 1” and “Category 2” products when working within Metricon’s standards. What we’ve discovered hasn’t been pleasant…

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