The weather isn’t cooperating

Wet Weather in SydneyLive in Sydney? Then you’re fully aware of the horrible weather we’ve had this week (at least if you’re building a house). Sure, we can use the rain, but I’m not a fan of having the wettest May in 8 years, when we don’t have a roof on our half-built house.

With a month worth of rain in only a few days, Sydney is pretty saturated at the moment – and it’s not finished yet. Sunday and Monday look to hold more rain, and the showers are set to continue for the rest of the week.

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HDR BMW 330ci

HDR BMW 330ci

Before moving to Australia, this was my pride and joy. Washing and waxing virtually every weekend, followed by local drives with like minded enthusiasts, I spent quite a lot of time in or around this car. San Francisco was a good place to take weekend drives, as so many different areas were within reach and made for “Sunday drives”. Whether it was up the coast in Marin, through the wine country in Sonoma and Napa, or down to Santa Cruz via the mountains, there was always something different. But the group of people that came along usually stayed the same, and I made many great friends through my love of the car.

This HDR (High Dynamic Range) Image, was shot just south of Pleasanton, Ca – a suburb of San Francisco that I called home for around six years of my life. It’s a nice, low-key part of the world.

Katoomba, Leura, and the Blue Mountains

The Three Sisters

Unlike the Northern Hemisphere, there’s no major holiday to break up the monotony of winter. While the cold weather in Australia isn’t all that cold (at least in Sydney), winter is still long enough and cold enough to make you wish it was summer again. This weekend, after living in Australia for almost three years, I ventured up into the Blue Mountains and to the towns of Leura and Katoomba and spent the day on a short bushwalk, followed by a fantastic brownie and coffee in a small, cozy cafe on the main street of Leura – an artsy little mountain town with wonderfully overpriced souvenirs and homewares (stuff I’d actually buy, but could find cheaper elsewhere).

The day never reached 10c, and the rain was on and off throughout the day, but it kind of made for a cozy day – especially whilst sipping on a flat white and eating a VERY decadent brownie at Cafe Josophan’s, a fine chocolatier.

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Brickwork Progress – 22/05/2010

Front of garage brickworkI have no idea how long it takes to brick a house, but with the weather we’ve had this week here in Sydney, I reckon the brickies made good progress.

We stopped by the house last Tuesday evening and, at that point, not much work had been done. In fact no actual work had been started on the house, aside from new piles of brick surrounding the house in preparation for the first good day of weather. Of course, if you live in Sydney, you’d know that we really haven’t had that ‘first good day of weather’ since Tuesday. It’s been cold, rainy, windy – and even the odd waterspout. But apparently Colebee lives in this bubble of reasonably dry weather. I’m not so sure I’ll like that when it comes to landscaping, but while we’re building – I really don’t mind.

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Bricking has started

More bricks alongside houseBricking started this week, but it has been slow going, thanks to the inclement weather that Sydney has been experiencing. As mentioned in our previous post, we happened to meet our brickie last Friday, when we stopped by to see the new veranda that had been completed. He seemed confident that bricking would move ahead pretty quickly, with one day needed this week to complete a previous job. Unfortunately the wet weather we’ve been experiencing hasn’t helped to expedite the process, so it looks like we’re in for a bit of a delay.

With Monday and Tuesday passing with very little progress (the bricks were laid out in preparation at some point during these two days), Wednesday arrived with our neighbour Amanda alerting us to the fact that work had started nice and early. Finally, agreeable weather. The outlook for today and tomorrow is the same, with rain set to return late Friday night. Either way, we’ll head out to the house again on Saturday and check up on the progress.

In other news, we put a deposit down on our tiles and carpet this week with DiLorenzo. We’re locked in with the colour choices now, and if our site supervisor agrees to it, can have the common area tiles put in at the same time as the tiles for the wet areas. That should cut a few days off the move in date.

Keep your fingers cross for good weather this week, and see you Saturday.