Cold mornings make for a wonderful view

It’s cold today. Frankly, it never really warmed up. Topping out at a balmy 15c (59F), we had the oil heaters working overtime and the fire stocked with wood. The nice thing about these cold mornings is that it seems to motivate our soon-to-be neighbour Amanda to get up, brave the cold, and take some amazing photos of Stonecutters Ridge in the morning light. You may remember this shot, when the golf course turned white with frost. This morning, it was our new roof!

Colorbond roof with frost

I can only assume that the tradesmen installing the roof were working that much harder to keep warm this week. It’s Tuesday, which means the majority of the roof, barring joints and rivets has already been installed. Our site supervisor said the roof takes a week to install. Maybe it will – I honestly have no idea. But for one days work, I’m very impressed. It’s finally starting to look like a house! Granted our Woodland Grey Colorbond roof is looking a bit lighter than it will on any other given day, but finally – it’s all coming together.

Well have heaps more photos this weekend of a completed roof (fingers crossed). After all, it will give me a chance to try out my new camera, a Canon 5D Mark II. In case you haven’t seen, I’ve got quite a bit of my work on the website – it’s a big hobby of mine. Be sure to drop me a line if you’re into photography as well – I never turn down the chance to talk a bit of shop.

Guttering finished, and a Liberty invasion!

Stonecutters Ridge Golf Course

Another good weekend.

After meeting with our site supervisor on Friday, and seeing the start of our guttering installation, we opted for a quick trip back out to Stonecutters Ridge, as we were out running errands already. A relatively quick, and unassuming trip, turned into a rather interesting day!

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Friday morning visit, & Scaffolding!

Front of house with scaffolding and guttersAfter speaking with our site supervisor earlier in the week, we arranged to meet on Friday morning before work. So, as promised, we showed up nice and early to Stonecutters Ridge. Our site supervisor was running a little late, but the tradesman installing our fascia and gutters wasn’t. He’d been out on site since the break of dawn, and was confident that he’d finish by sundown. Talk about making the most of the day!

Waiting around this morning was actually a peaceful experience. I’m really going to love living at Stonecutters Ridge. Sure it was cold (around 11c), but the mist/fog on the fairways and the bird sounds created a nice relaxing atmosphere. Additionally, the little bit of extra time that we had allowed us to have a look around the site finally, as it was unlocked with workmen on site.

We were finally able to inspect much of the brickwork up close – and we’re very impressed.

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Is the bricking finished?

Front of house

Wondering when we might move on to the next phase of the build process, we find ourselves asking the question,”Is the bricking finished?” Sadly, not yet. But we ARE close!

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A day at sea on the James Craig

I tend to geek out on the latest and greatest gadgets and gizmos, in an attempt to stay up to date on what’s new in the marketplace. Today however, I took a step back in time, and turned into a little boy on board the James Craig, a 3-masted, 19th Century barque from the Sydney Heritage Fleet. This was truly a spectacular day at sea – reaching around 8 knots at full sail in the waters just off of Sydney!

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