Random fixes and…a roof!

Side of House
Well, the weather in Sydney this past week was craptastic at best, to be honest. While we need the rain, we were hoping it’d hold off a week, as the rest of our roof was supposed to be finished by Friday. As you can see from the photos, it isn’t quite finished, but we are close.

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The result of the Ashlar Golf Club vote is…

Ashlar Golf Club logo

During our visit to Stonecutters Ridge last weekend, we noticed a busload full of people walking around the neighbourhood. We discovered they were all members of the Ashlar Golf Club, touring Stonecutters Ridge Golf Course in preparation for their upcoming vote as to whether they would relocate to the new Greg Norman Golf Course.

The result of last nights vote was strongly in favour of moving to Stonecutters Ridge. Originally posted on the community forum, 378 members attended the meeting, with 358 voting in favour of the move, 17 against, and 3 people abstaining.

So what’s next? Medallist has been saying for some time now that there was a big announcement on the horizon – likely coupled with this vote. There has also been talk of skipping the temporary clubhouse altogether, and starting work on the permanent one earlier than expected. Whatever it may be, this vote bodes very well for the future of the golf course we find ourselves living on.

Cladding. Isn’t it a beautiful thing?

Liberty 42 with Cladding - Front

Getting closer…!

This week was a week of major changes to the house. Sure, maybe there wasn’t a lot of work actually completed, but what WAS completed changed the entire look of the house.

The week brought scattered showers, but Colebee seemed to escape the worst of it. We seem to have had weather on our side this week  – allowing for the dutch gable woodwork, the majority of cladding, the painting of said cladding, and much of the scaffolding being remove. This puts us about a week or two out from having our house look completed – at least from the outside.

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Frankly, we’re wrapped

Side of the house

It’s Saturday. Yet another weekend that included a trip to the house at Stonecutters Ridge. Our expectations were pretty high this week, seeing as no real work was completed last week due to a supply issue. After speaking with our site supervisor a few times during the week, we were under the impression that cladding would at least be partially installed. Unfortunately, it wasn’t.

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Making Stonecutters Ridge a community

There’s a lot to be said about getting to know your neighbours and making your neighbourhood a close-knit community. I think Stonecutters Ridge is well on its way.

After putting our heads together over at the Stonecutters Ridge thread at Home1, future and existing residents of Stonecutters Ridge decided it would be worthwhile and beneficial to have a community website and forum that catered to those who will live at Stonecutters Ridge.

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