Reflections on our selections inspection

French Doors in the Master Bedroom

Hello Monday, where did the weekend go? If you’re like us, the weekend flew by bringing Monday entirely way too soon. But in an attempt to find the silver lining on a seemingly short weekend, we were looking forward to our early Monday morning meeting with our site supervisor. Why? As of last week, we’ve been locked out! We stopped by on the weekend to try and see any sort of progress, but peering through windows and over fences just doesn’t work.

This morning however, we had a ‘guided tour’ of our house, during which our site supervisor addressed a few question and issues he had…

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Communicating with your builder

Better communication“Only he who does nothing makes a mistake. “  -French Proverb

While we can all dream about a house build that was mistake free, it’s not something that’s likely to happen to any of us. Mistakes happen – it’s just a fact of life it seems. But what really counts is how those mistakes are addressed.

When we noticed the issues surrounding the bifold doors and the frosted glass on the front door over the weekend, we made a point to try and call our site supervisor first thing Monday morning so he’d be aware of the error, and get a jump on fixing it. Come to find out, he got the jump on us. He already knew we were concerned about the mistake!

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Stairs and doors

The bifold doors are installed

People are always telling us that when lock up stage arrives, it’s really difficult to see any progress. Maybe that’s true, but that’s probably when the doors are locked, installed correctly, and workmen aren’t on site and inviting you in. For us, it was a different story entirely.

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Gyprock is up, and the downpipes are, well…down.

Metricon's Liberty 42

FIRE! Ok, so it wasn’t technically a fire per se, but…it WAS a fireplace. Better yet, it was in our place!

After a great birthday celebration yesterday, we arrived bright and early this morning to find the gyprock up, and the four plasterers hard at work finishing up the install in preparation for the cornices and skirting early next week. After all, this needs to be installed prior to the doors and…stairs! Since there were people on site the gates were open and we took the opportunity to have a look around inside.

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We’ve got neighbours!

Next door NeighboursToday, we were notified by Medallist sales consultants that our neighbours on the lot to our left have settled on the land. Now, it’s only a matter of time until they start the same process we’ve been going through for the last five months.

Whether they start building straight away or at some time in the future, we look forward to getting to know our future neighbours soon. While there’s a bit of business that will need to be looked after, such as the split cost of fencing, the more exciting part for us is getting to know the family who will likely be next door for years to come.

It’s nice to see the neighbourhood growing too – just this weekend we spent most of Sunday out at Stonecutters Ridge with a number of our future neighbours. I’m happy to say I look forward to living near these wonderful people. Whether it’s because we’re all going through similar experiences in our lives (ie. building a home), or we’re just that lucky, it’s very apparent that Stonecutters Ridge will be become a close-knit community. I’m sure the community website helps too. It has allowed us to interact with fellow “Stonecutters Ridgers” before anyone actually moves in.

Cool, huh?

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