Setbacks so close to the end

Angry Metricon customerHow is it possible to have setbacks so close to the end of it all?

After a weekend full of good times with our future neighbours, we were hit with some really disappointing news from our builder on Tuesday morning.  Council has responded to Metricon saying there’s nothing they can do and the French doors MUST be screened. After Metricon reassured us that they’d fight on our behalf, it appears that their idea of a fight with Council is more of a “well, we tried – now it’s your issue” mentality.

So, it’s now our problem. Again. We’re stuck with trying to deal with council again to ensure that our doors are bushfire compliant, and Metricon’s “solution” is to pay a bunch of money again to upgrade our doors to Merbau. This, of course, would be at “significant cost” as our customer support contact stated.

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Community BBQ

Stonecutters Ridge BBQ

The weather is warming up, and not a moment too soon. Sunday arrived with blue skies and warm temps, and by midday the mercury reached 26c. It was perfect weather for the first of what I’d assume will be countless neighbourhood BBQ’s at Stonecutters Ridge. It gave us the chance to meet even more of our future neighbours in person that we’ve been conversing with on our online community forum. By the days end, we knew we’d chosen the perfect place to build our home.

Our neighbours are awesome.

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Our garage door

Our garage door

As far as we’re aware, there hasn’t been any progress on our french door issue, but our preoccupation with that issue temporarily subsided when our neighbour sent across a picture this morning…of our new garage door!

It’s a “dark oak” wood look Colorbond door! Obviously cheaper than a real wood door, it will also require a lot less maintanence than real wood would. After all, I’m already having to look after all the other wooden doors, windows, and gable in-fills. I reckon I’ll be getting really good at sanding and staining over the next few years.

All from me today – not much else happening, but thought I’d share nonetheless.

Council Approval Issues, Part Deux

Christmas room (Sitting room)

If you’ve been following our blog from the beginning, you’ll be well and truly familiar with our initial council approval issues that surrounded our bifold door installation and finding an appropriate way for them to meet the harsh bushfire restrictions that are in place for our lot.

Unfortunately, it appears that this problem is set to rear its ugly head once again. But this time…it’s as the build process comes to a close.

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Paint & Stain! Paint & Stain!

The front of our Liberty 42

We rocked up pretty early on Saturday to help our future neighbours move a few tons of road base around to their backyard. We hadn’t heard much from our site supervisor over the last week, so we didn’t really know what to expect in terms of progress for the week prior.

Holy crap. It looks like our house, and it looked really good.

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