Stonecutters Ridge Community gets some attention

Stonecutters Ridge BBQ

Whether you’re already a resident of Stonecutters Ridge or just showing some interest in the development, you might be familiar with the Community Website. The Rouse Hill Times sure is. After our BBQ back in September was a resounding success in gathering the future residents of Stonecutters Ridge together, the newspaper published a story around how the community website that my neighbour and I created has already brought the community together in a way very rarely seen.

It’s nice to know we’re doing something positive for the community, and people are taking notice…

Council Issues? Resolved!

HoorayAs the bushfire issue with Council dragged on with no end in sight, Megan and I have been preparing ourselves to do battle – expecting that Council would continue to drag their feet and act like a stubborn 3 year old. But in an astonishing turn of events, it appears they’ve given in – not to us however, but Metricon!

Megan received a call late yesterday afternoon from our customer service manager at Metricon who greeted us with VERY good news. It appears they’ve been aware of our discontent and have been fighting diligently for us ‘behind the scenes’ over the last week or so, engaging a number of people at Blacktown Council to get this issue resolved on our behalf. The outcome is better than we would have even expected – we’ll have our interim occupancy certificate on handover!

So what do we need to do about the doors? Nothing! No kickplates, no inward opening screen door, no ugly shutters contraption – nothing! Metricon has redeemed themselves as far as I’m concerned. They stepped up to the plate, and did what any reputable builder should have done – made this crazy house building adventure just a little bit easier for someone who doesn’t know the first thing about what to do (then again, I’m pretty sure Megan is a bushfire expert by now).

We don’t have any pictures for you today, but this news was too good to keep to ourselves any longer. We’re now approaching practical completion and handover a LOT less stressed. Thanks Metricon!

Now here’s comes the fun part!

Our certifier has gone missing!

Fenceless House

As if the idea of a looming PCI wasn’t enough to stress us out about how little time we have left, Megan made a call to Council on Monday to see how our certifier was progressing with information on the French Doors we sent him last week. He was out of the office.

He wasn’t just out of the office, he had gone on holiday for four weeks and didn’t bother to let us know. If we hadn’t followed up with him (like that’d happen), we would have been sitting by idly thinking stuff was progressing along nicely. Note to self – nothing ever progresses along nicely when dealing with Council.

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HOME Magazine Interview

Home MagazineIn an earlier post, I mentioned the possibility of HOME Magazine (the insert in the Sunday Edition of The Telegraph) doing a piece on our experience of building with Metricon Homes, Blacktown Council, and how we came to live at Stonecutters Ridge. This morning, I received confirmation that they’ve greenlighted the story.

So, once we’re in and situated, we’ll have the unique opportunity to talk about experiences – both good and bad about building our own home as well as our reasons behind choosing Stonecutters Ridge as a place to settle down and stay while. It looks like they’ll not only send someone out to interview us about the home building process, but a photographer as well. It’ll be an unfamiliar position for me – for once I won’t be the one taking the pictures!

It’s likely to be interesting speaking to someone who is heavily involved in home design/building. Sure, we might have a lot of stories to tell, but I’m looking forward to seeing how our process stacks up against others that they may have spoken with in the past.

Council Inspection

Fireplace and French Doors

After talking to our inspector at Blacktown Council, we discovered that he was out at the house on Wednesday to do our final inspection, and sign off on the house. It appears that virtually everything meets their expectations and there’s just a few things left to complete before we satisfy all their concerns. Unfortunately the screening of the French doors is still one of those outstanding issues.

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