Summer Storms

Stonecutters Ridge is a great place to live but, like everywhere else in Australia, it’s not immune to the harsh weather we can experience in this sunburnt country.

This storm arrived quickly, accompanied by 50kph winds. It was a treat for my family though, visiting from Southern California, where storms like this are a rarity.

Hosting Christmas Dinner

Christmas Table Setting

Hosting Christmas was what we imagined would be the best way to break in the new house. We were right.

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Merry Christmas, from our new home

What a difference a year makes! I can’t believe that Christmas is here once again.  I hope that all of the hustle and bustle of shopping, wrapping and baking is done and you have a chance to sit back and enjoy your friends and family.

My family is here from overseas and the new house really feels like home today. Megan is making cinnamon rolls this morning, and my mother is making a fruit salad. Later in the day, more will arrive for what is shaping up to be a fantastic Christmas dinner. The neighbourhood seems to be settling into a rhythm too with even a few more houses finished just in time for Christmas. While Stonecutters Ridge isn’t complete, and fully occupied this Christmas, our neighbour will help with the local population figures – she’s hosting a Christmas dinner for over 60 guests!

Merry Christmas to all this holiday season. I hope all are with their loved ones today.

Gingerbread Extravangza

Gingerbread HousesWith the family here, and the Holiday celebrations in full swing, there’s nothing like the taste, smell, and sight of a well decorated gingerbread house to put you in the mood for Christmas.

Thanks to an amazing neighbour, the women and children of the neighbourhood got together and went to town decorating these pre-made gingerbread houses to within an inch of their lives. Some extravagant, but all delicious, these houses won’t stand a chance. They’ll be gone by the end of the week I’m sure.

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An Australian Sunset

Australian SunsetYou’d be hard pressed to find sunsets that are as spectacular as they are here in Australia. You’d have to travel to places like Hawai’i to experience one  that rivals Australia’s. With a larger backyard that isn’t bordered by a busy road, I’d imagine we’ll be spending much more time outside in the future – with many more sunsets like this one to come.