Real World Telstra Velocity Speeds

When we first moved in to Stonecutters Ridge, we (well, I) was excited about the idea that we’d be wired with Telstra’s Velocity network – a fibre optic connection that promised speeds of up to 100 MB/sec. Did it deliver?

In a nutshell, yes. Normal internet speeds on a day to day basis range anywhere from 92-97 MB/sec with a 5.5 MB/sec download speed – 5X faster than even the fastest ADSL2+ speeds that you’d find around Sydney. But when the rest of Australia goes to bed, and you’ve got the hardware to support it, I’ve been able to clock speeds higher than what Telstra advertises.

Telstra Velocity Speeds

Speed results as measured by

And this isn’t a fluke, as I’ve hit these speeds on a number of occasions – and not necessarily late in the evening, when all the ‘standard’ internet surfers have gone to bed for the night.

So, are we happy with our Telstra Velocity connection?

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Stonecutters Ridge Afternoon

Stonecutters Ridge Afternoon

Taken with the Instragram app for my iPhone 4, this photo is looking west, across the undeveloped Eastern Creek plain – soon to be full of houses and a bustling neighbourhood. It will be interesting to see the landscape change over the next few years.

Sydney – Is it really a sad, angry city?

Sydney SkylineFrom the outside, it’s sparkling gem, situated on the warm South Pacific Ocean. But for those that are trying to get by in this popular tourist destination, the future of this city seems to have lost it’s sparkle.

In an article from Friday’s Sydney Morning Herald newspaper, Sydney is being painted as a dreary place – a city that is fractured and losing it’s sheen.

Sydney has changed. It is a sadder, meaner and angrier place to live. Sydney is a city under siege; from higher house prices, to mortgages, electricity prices, toll roads, congestion … you name it.

For those of us that live here, the ideas of how to change Sydney for the better are varied. But overall, the setiment is the same. The cost of living, a greedy government, and public transportation consistently rank at the top of residents demands. The general population feels the government needs to step in and actually fix the problems, rather than band-aid them until the wound is exposed again in a few years time. Have they finally done that with the Northwest growth sector?

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Regular vs. Decaf

Regular vs. Decaf

The garden – Lomo style

Lomo style photoThis photo isn’t great. In fact, it’s nowhere near the quality of even an entry level camera these days. The colours are obviously wrong, the highlights are blown out and the shadows are, well, black. As a photographer, I should hate this.

But I don’t.

Taken with my iPhone and a free app called LomoLomo, this image is – in my eyes – a tip of the hat to photography of yesteryear and how the imperfections of film added a bit character to the prints you’d get back from the developer.

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