Blinds installed!

Venetian Blinds & Bifold DoorsIt’s cold outside. Along with running the fire, we’re trying to find any way to keep the house warm and the ever-present “nip” outside. We were of course very happy to hear that our blinds were ready this week. The temporary paper blinds just weren’t cutting it when it came to trying to keep the heat in. It also meant that our house was one step closer to feeling like a home.

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Changes to Stonecutters Ridge Master Plan

We live in a world of asterisks. Everything comes with a warning or footnote. I suppose Stonecutters Ridge was no exception. On a walk in between rain showers this weekend, Megan & I noticed the new billboard in front of the sales centre was slightly different. Upon close inspection, it appears the remaining releases for Stonecutters Ridge will deviate from the original design. Luckily, it appears to be for the better. Check it out…

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Metricon’s lack of communication

It’s been awhile since our last update, but it’s not for the sake of trying. I’ve been sick with a cold (damn this cold winter weather!), and unfortunately not much has been happening in our neck of the woods either.

In a previous post we shared a bit of insight into our 90 day inspection which was, in reality, more of a 150 day inspection. We were in the house for almost five months before the inspector even made it out to the house and when inspection day finally came, everything seemed to be in order and the issues acknowledged by the builder. It fact, quite a few of the smaller issues were fixed within two weeks, but to our disappointment, it has all come to a grinding halt since then.

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