Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters from All Blinds Solutions

If you’re familiar with the design of the Metricon Liberty Plantation Facade, you’d know of the large vertical window that sits on the landing of the staircase. While it’s a beautifully large window that lets a good amount of light in to the house, ours looks out onto the side of our neighbour’s house. While they’re wonderful people, it’s not the most amazing view, and we felt it’d be good to have a bit more privacy (you know, for those mornings where you left your pants on the airer downstairs).

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A tropical garden in the heart of winter

FrostIt’s cold! This morning we experienced the heaviest frost of the year thus far, and while it makes the surrounding area look like a winter wonderland, it’s kept the fire working overtime, and us scratching our heads wondering why some of the plants are coping better than others.

Our goal has been to create a tropical garden to complement the plantation style home we’ve built, and as a we mentioned in a previous post, we planted a number of different types of plants in an experiment to see what might work, and what won’t. While we’re just entered the coldest time of the year, we’ve already had some interesting results.

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Stonecutters Ridge Clubhouse Construction Underway

Stonecutters Ridge ClubhouseConstruction traffic on our street has increased over the last few months as large earth moving equipment have started to shape the surrounding landscape to make way for the newest divisions of Stonecutters Ridge to be built. But earlier this week, a momentous occasion was reached with Medallist commencing construction on the golf course clubhouse – the focal point for what is intended to be Northwest Sydney’s premier golf club.

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Painting a feature wall

Feature WallWe’ve got a feature wall! After months of deliberation around which walls we wanted to be a feature in different rooms, we finally got around to doing a little bit of painting. That’s of course the ‘royal we’, as Megan can’t be in the same room room, due to being pregnant. But, the end result looks pretty good considering I’m not much of a painter.

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