Three great Australian home build blogs


It was only natural for us to try and document our entire build process online. My family lives a good 7,000km away in San Diego, California and I wanted a way to share in our experience and adventure of building a home.

Maybe it’s because I had never even thought of building a home before, or perhaps it’s just a sign of the times, but there seems to be literally hundreds of home building blogs scattered around the internet these days. A good majority of these seem to have been left for dead just a few months into them. Whether it was because it just became to monotonous or too time consuming we’ll never know, but if you look hard enough, you’ll find a few gems that really stuck with it and documented the entire process in great detail. Here are three great Australian home build blogs (other than ours, of course) that we found helpful when we were still building.

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10 not-so-obvious things to look for during PCI

PCI Inspection ChecklistYour practical completion inspection (PCI) is an exciting time in the process of building any new home. It’s an important landmark that let’s you know you’re so close to the end of the journey. But while you might want to hurry through it, and nail down a date for handover, it’s also an important step in ensuring the build quality of your new home. There are likely to be obvious mistakes or things that need correction, but there are also not-so-obvious things that should be on your checklist as well.

Here are my top ten not-so-obvious things to look for during your new home PCI.

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