90 Day Inspection fixes have started

French doors on the side of a Liberty 42

French Doors, open during the build.

Repairs resulting from the 90 day inspection have finally started – but only just. It’s by no means happening fast, but it’s in progress nonetheless. Some of the easiest fixes have been completed but still waiting for the rest to happen.

Gyprock holes are a thing of the past, and the patches have been painted over. All that we were left with earlier in the week were the intoxicating fumes of paint and paint thinner. The next day, the windows and doors check finally happened. The guys showed up early, and within minutes located a single problem that existed across all of our wooden doors. French Doors and bifold doors alike – they all were suffering from the same issue. None of the doors were sealed on either the top or bottom. This is why the top of our French Doors were warping – allowing rain inside when the angle was just right, and were left this way during the entire build process. No wonder.

Not good!

They have said they will be recommending to Metricon that our French Door in the sitting room be replaced. Not fixed – replaced, as this is severely warped from direct water contact. Out of all the problems that we had listed on our 90 day inspection report, this was the one we were the most concerned about. I’m happy with their response and I hope I’ll be happy with Metricon’s as well. In addition to getting the French Door replaced, it looks as if we’ll need a carpenter back out to replace some handles that are loose which appears to be the issue with our bifolds. Once we have the new door installed,  the painter should be back and you can bet that we’ll be making sure the top and bottom of all of our doors will be sealed.

I’m glad that things are getting resolved but it is one of the slowest processes we’ve encountered. Just be warned to check the top and bottom of your doors before the painters leave!

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