Our 90 Day Inspection

Ok, so it wasn’t exactly 90 days. In fact, it was more like 150, but the important part of it all is that Metricon showed up, listened to our concerns, and promised to fix all of them.


Yeah, it doesn’t make sense. Until now, dealing with Metricon’s front office has been about as enjoyable as chewing on dirt, but this guy came through, patted the dog, listened to our concerns, and said he’d arrange to have work start within the next two weeks. So while I’ll still wait to pass judgement until everything is fixed to our satisfaction, I have to admit this is a good start.

Stay tuned for a full list of fixes…

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  1. Good luck! After reading how much fun dealing with Metricon was, I really hope they get the work promised completed!

  2. Hannes says:

    Hi guys,

    I am glad to see I am not the only one have loads of fun with Metricon.

    We build the Nolan 41 & handover was at the end of Oct 2010. It absolutely sh*ts me that I had to basically do their QA for them (before & after handover).

    Our issues include;
    – Plastering is absolutely shocking. You can see 95% of the joints in daylight & 100% at night.
    – Garage roof leaks (dodgy roof plumbing)
    – Had to get the oven fixed (thermostat & fan replaced)
    – Light switches replaced
    – Some lights did not work
    – Handles on kitchen cabinets came off (pot drawer falling apart)
    – Water leaks at French doors
    – Some windows did not have locks (although the package included locks on all windows)
    – And the list goes on …

    The plasterer came through last week & patched up the whole ceiling downstairs & half of it upstairs – DUST EVERYWHERE!

    One thing that is still pending is that our ceiling downstairs in the family area shows a bump, which is a beam. Metricon where trying to tell me that they will “float it out” with plastering… meaning there will be a 6m x 1.5m plaster patch running across the family area .. You can only imaging what I told the ‘inspector’! I believe the whole ceiling needs replacing .. they are adamant that’s not going to happen ..

    Anyway, the reason for telling you all this is just to say .. It could be worse .. You could’ve received the same as us .. :)

    Good luck,

  3. Stefan says:

    Thanks for the comment Hannes,

    I’m sorry to hear you’ve had so many issues with Metricon. We’ve still yet to have anyone show up to fix the issues discussed during the inspection. After a call to the inspector, we discovered he was on holiday and should be chasing the tradies over the next week to get them out here. I hope that’s true – we’ve go holes in our gyprock!

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