A bushfire-proof house?

Bushfire proof houseSounds too good to be true? Think again.

After recently struggling to get our house passed through council in compliance with the strict guidelines for building in bushfire prone land, the following story caught my eye on the Sydney Morning Herald website. (Ok, admittedly it was a picture of things on fire, and I’m male…) It documents a flame/heat test on a home made almost entirely of metal, and seems to have passed with little more than a few singed hairs. Ok, so maybe that’s an exaggeration, but if you were caught inside, there’s a good chance you would have survived…

“It took less than a minute for this new house to be engulfed by flames. Luckily no one was too upset to see it burn. The house, built almost entirely of steel, was being tested to see if it could survive a bushfire and, although it is now a little singed, it passed. Not only was it still standing, if it had been occupied there was a good chance the people inside would have survived, the CSIRO scientist and test leader Justin Leonard said. The test house, designed and built by the National Association of Steel Framed Houses with the CSIRO, had most features of a domestic house….”

Read the entire article here.

While this solution isn’t ideal for the average home builder, nor would it pass the missus taste for a good looking home, it does bring up an interesting debate on how far bushfire protection measures should go, and how effective they really are.

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