A surfing reserve in Australia?

surfing australiaI came across an intriguing article awhile back about an area of the NSW coast that’s actually being put aside as a “surfing reserve” – somewhere that developers won’t be able to overwork or build up like they’re doing everywhere else. So what else does it allow for? Not much really, it seems as if it’s more of a title than anything else, but it’s a start in the right direction. Surfing is a sport that carries such a low impact on the environment. No need for a big grassy field, no sidewalks or roads, no long chairlift cut up a mountain…it’s a sport that takes advantage of what mother nature has given us. Oh, and did I mention it’s good to get out and exercise?

“Both the lands and waters of Lennox are recognised worldwide as a breeding ground for surfing legends and folklore,” Mr Kelly said.

“We want to make sure those waters are protected for surfers for the future.”

This action isn’t completely about surfing, it’s about preserving the natural, pristine beaches that Australia is lucky enough to have, and it’s good that we’re starting now.

In Southern California, surfers are fighting to protect some of the most historic surfing spots around, keeping highway bypasses and huge developments from ruining the beautiful vistas and spoiling the natural habitats that are quickly being bulldozed over. Is it too late there? Perhaps not, as a recent vote to save Trestles, a popular and historic spot passed. I’ve had the privilege to visit this amazing beach, and a highway bypass would have just decimated the area. I’m glad to see the outpouring of emotion over this small area of land.

So why a reserve? I think it’s Australia’s way of preempting the over development of the beautiful beaches we take for granted here. Sure, this particular beach is off the beaten path, and over development may be decades away, but it’s never to early to start thinking about the future. After all, who wants a highway bypass running through their favourite beach?

He said surfing spots such as Lennox were as valuable to Australians as Uluru, the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) or the Opera House.

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  1. Dani from Poland says:

    Great photo. I’m from poland, where there is no such sea, and this photo remainds me about my holidays…

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