Megan and StefanWelcome, and thanks for checking out our website.

While this site is intended to document many aspects of our lives, it has been (at least up until now)¬† dominated¬† by our build process with Metricon Homes. You see, we’ve just finished building our new home out at Stonecutters Ridge. It’s something we never really thought we’d ever find ourselves doing, but as we outgrew our current home, we just couldn’t find a home that even remotely fit both our lifestyle and budget. At any rate, here we are – in for the ride of our lives.

So a bit about us – Megan and I had been dating for years, and got married in September 2009 in Kaua’i, Hawai’i. Beyond just being a beautiful location, it was the perfect midpoint as I’m an American expat who has been living in Australia for almost three years now. We met when Megan was living in the States with her extended family and was introduced through her cousin who I attended school with. After one, two week holiday to Australia, I knew this was a corner of the world where I could see myself living so we applied for a visa and the rest is history. Australia is an amazing place, and I’m proud to call it home – so much so I’ve committed to building a house here.

Here you’ll find stories and photos that document Stefan’s expat life in Australia, some of his photography work, travel tips, and information about our build process.


Megan & Stefan

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