The build process with Metricon begins…

site scrapeAs soon as we heard the news that there was activity on our site, we scrambled to figure out when we’d be able to make it out to the lot and see the progress first hand. It didn’t take long – we made our way out to Stonecutters Ridge this morning to find ourselves a flat plot of land, a few footings dug, and LOTS of concrete piers. We even arrived just in time to see our port-a-loo being delivered (admittedly it’s not as fancy as the one a few doors down)!

It’s pretty amazing to finally have work starting on the land. After all the delays we encountered at council, it was finally nice to see progress, albeit earlier than expected. It’s worth noting that the contract states Metricon should be on site and commencing work within 20 business days from having all the required paper work in order. It took them eight. I did end up getting that call from our site supervisor (SS) late Friday afternoon during which he very enthusiastically let me know that, if the weather cooperated, we’d have a slab down by the end of next week. Expect more pictures next weekend!

While we’ve only just been in contact with our SS, it was a good start to an important relationship that will develop over the life of the build. Our SS was very friendly and made a point to give us his mobile number and say he was available by phone whenever we had questions or concerns related to the build (during regular business hours of course) and that he’d call us with regular updates as well. A good start. Through the rumour mill, I’ve heard that unlike Metricon builds in other states, the NSW projects aren’t subcontracted. If this is true, it’s a smart move by Metricon. They build great homes – beautiful and well thought out. If I were in their shoes, I’d want to make sure the finished product was just as wonderful too. Keeping the project under the same roof is a great step to assuring quality work.

To top it all off, we had a great visit with our soon to be neighbours, Brad & Amanda, who were out laying turf in their enormous backyard. It looks fantastic, and can envision a number of backyard cricket games being played on the beautiful lawn. Thanks for the visit, and the tour of your beautiful home. I look forward to being able to return the favour in 6-7 months time!

Without further delay, some pictures from our visit…

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  1. Amanda says:

    Great to meet you guys today :) What is Megan doing in that 2nd pic? Actions for drilling? (or was it a strange move in a “happy dance”)

  2. maja says:

    Jiggy butt dancing!!! Woo hoo!

  3. Kriss says:

    Wow, this is all so exciting! I like the start you got with your site supervisor, and I hope such a great start represents a good, long term working relationship there.

    Looking forward to seeing the slab photos!

  4. Megan says:

    Amanda: I was standing where the kitchen will be and pretending to cook :) So nice to meet you yesterday and I hope the lawn watering is going well :)
    Maja: Jiggy butt dancing!
    Kriss: Couldn’t agree more and fingers crossed for slab pics by next weekend!

  5. T&T says:

    woohoo! When things get started, they really move fast – if you can, try and visit as much as possible, but you pobably already feel that way :) Your plot looks good, nice to have some established trees in your backyard rather than a whole bunch of other houses, good choice.

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