April 2011: Landscaping progress

Tropical plants in our Sydney garden

It’s by no means a quick job, nor an easy one. The new blisters on my hands prove that. But after a few weekends off, attending to other activities and chores, we’re back getting dirty in the yard again. And with a few more trips to the nursery, we find our yard looking more and more like what we’ve been envisioning for quite a while. Sure, it’s going to take years to grow in and truly have that lush tropical feel we’re after, but let’s face it – anything is better than the dirt and weeds we had there previously.

The brick edging is all but finished too (and with heaps of bricks left over). While they’re in and surprisingly sturdy (I ran the wheelbarrow over them a few times), I still think I’ll cement them in – on one side at least. We’ve got Palmetto grass, and while lush and green, it tends to grow quickly and send out runners – some of which will likely make their way to the garden beds. Our bricks, Brampton from the Whitsundays range, was a category one brick from Metricon, so they’re not solid and provide perfect sized holes for said runners.

At any rate, it’s progress, and the bricks that were previously scattered around the yard now have a more uniformed shape. Can’t say I miss the disheveled look.

Our tropical backyard

Our tropical backyard in Sydney

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  1. maja says:

    Gorgeous. Now off to the front yard?!

  2. Stefan says:

    Not quite yet – with the neighbours building next door (and the construction fence hanging over our side), we’ll be waiting for them to finish before we really get into that.

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