Are Australians really all that friendly?

Friendly Australians

Australians have always been considered some of the more relaxed and friendly people that you’ll ever meet as you travel throughout the world. But is this changing?

As the world gets smaller through the advent of modern technology, this wonderful country isn’t as removed as it once was from the rest of the world. All of a sudden, Australia isn’t a big island in the middle of the ocean anymore. Australia is now a major player on the world market, and a “no worries” attitude doesn’t necessarily cut it when dealing with the international business market. The world is becoming a much more competitive place, and as it grows smaller, the fight to keep your head above water can become a bit more difficult. The “no worries” attitude doesn’t always fly. How long will we be able to hold on to this laid back attitude?

I’m not going to sit here and predict if the Australian outlook on life will change over the coming years, as it would be futile. It’s not if, but when. Australia has had an influx of immigrants from overseas over the last decade. Almost 1 in 4 residents of Sydney are foreign born, and when you have that kind of exterior influence on a country, customs and attitudes will change. While these can change rather quickly, stereotypes don’t. Fortunately, Australia has a great stereotype on the international scene, and these stereotypes aren’t shunned by the average Aussie. Backyard BBQ’s while throwing back a few stubbies and appreciating your close mates is part of what makes you an Aussie. While I’m relatively new to this lifestyle, only being in Australia for about 14 months now, these stereotypes are easy to adopt.

While Australia becomes a more of a world player, it’ll never be a economic benchmark. But Australians seem to be OK with that.

I would too, especially if that meant holding on to a “No Worries!” attitude.

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