Australian State Parks: Free entry on Australia Day

australian state parksIt’s not Hamilton Island, and you’re not getting paid to stay there, but at least they’re not charging you.

National parks throughout NSW will waive entry fees on January 26 to celebrate Australia Day. Premier Nathan Rees said Australia Day was a perfect time to appreciate the nation’s natural beauty.

“Our native bush is an important symbol of what it means to be Australian,” he said in a statement on Wednesday.

“Our parks are home to stunning scenery, relaxing picnic areas and an amazing array of wildlife and cultural heritage found nowhere else in the world.” He said he hoped free entry would encourage people to go bush on Australia Day, with many parks holding special activities.

“Most people in Sydney could travel less than a half hour from home and find themselves surrounded by the Australian bush in a national park,” Mr Rees said. “There is no better way for all of us to understand how important our natural environment is than by getting out there and experiencing the bush first hand.”

Here’s your chance to get out and explore the country around you. Whether you love your bushwalks, or have a love of photography, get out there and see the surrounding countryside before it’s gone!

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