A Balinese style landscaped backyard

As Megan and I continue on our quest to prepare for and create a backyard oasis in which we can enjoy what little free time we have, we find ourselves constantly returning to the resort style living we love so much. It’s something I’ve really liked for a long time, and after getting married at the Hyatt on the Island of Kaua’i, Megan has come around to it as well.

On Boxing Day 2009, we had a BBQ at a friends house here in Sydney, and were thoroughly impressed with the landscaping (and hardscaping) they’ve completed in their backyard. With an amazing timber pergola and lush tropical landscaping, this was exactly the look we’re likely to strive for…

We’d love to put in a pergola in the backyard, but I suppose we’ll have to wait and see what sort of space we’re truly working with here. On top of everything else, we’ve got a sewer line running across the very back of our property, and we can’t build anything over it. I’m not sure if that includes something like this…

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  1. Amanda says:

    I believe that you could build something over the line as long as it’s removable.

    Will Jake be likely to tear up the yard?

    I love the lush look! (Hope you’ve got a big water tank to keep it great – I know we have access to recycled water but insiders word at Sydney Water is that it will eventually be charged at the same price as potable water)

  2. Sarah says:

    WOW! Is this your friends backyard? Simply beautiful. We’re getting tanks at our new house. I’m a bit of a greeny and whilst I think recycled water is great, at the end of the day you still have to pay for it (no matter how much it costs). Rainwater is free and doesn’t use energy to process it like recycled water does.

  3. Stefan says:

    Hey all,

    Thanks Amanda, that’s good to know about building over the sewer – I didn’t know that. As for Jake, he’s past the plant destruction stage and fortunately, was never a digger.

    As for the tropical look of our garden, we consulted with a number of landscapers and resources and while we’re contemplating a water tank (though not a huge underground one ;) ), we found that many tropical looking plants don’t actually require large amounts of water after the initial water-in. In fact, they don’t require that great of soil either, as most tropical plants grow in the very poor soil of rainforests. In fact, one of our top plants we’re considering, the “Xanadu”, was originally found in Western Australia. Go figure.

    I think ultimately we will put in a rain water tank. It’ll definitely be a great way to supplement our water requirements and we wouldn’t be responsible home owners (and Australians) if we didn’t. It just might not be right at move-in.

  4. Stefan says:

    House should be finished sometime late this year (October or so), and then we get started on landscaping. We’d love to have you guys for a visit anytime after the Christmas holidays!

  5. Reagan says:

    Wow. That backyard is AMAZING. I love the pergola as I love to sleep and read outside. I would prefer mosquito netting though. So when is all this going to be finished so we can come visit and stay in one of your four bedrooms and hang out in your awesome backyard?!

  6. marilyn winch says:

    Hey guys…..I clicked on this photo cause I thought it was something I would want to recreate….WOW…It’s ours. We are so flattered you liked it enough to put in your blog. We are tweaking it a wee bit for this coming summer. Hope you’re coming to the next get together……there maybe a surprise or two with the garden….love Maralina

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