Brickwork Progress – 22/05/2010

Front of garage brickworkI have no idea how long it takes to brick a house, but with the weather we’ve had this week here in Sydney, I reckon the brickies made good progress.

We stopped by the house last Tuesday evening and, at that point, not much work had been done. In fact no actual work had been started on the house, aside from new piles of brick surrounding the house in preparation for the first good day of weather. Of course, if you live in Sydney, you’d know that we really haven’t had that ‘first good day of weather’ since Tuesday. It’s been cold, rainy, windy – and even the odd waterspout. But apparently Colebee lives in this bubble of reasonably dry weather. I’m not so sure I’ll like that when it comes to landscaping, but while we’re building – I really don’t mind. At any rate, I’m impressed with the amount of work that they were able to complete in the short amount of time they had this week. Megan and I ventured out in the cold this morning to see what had been finished, and here’s a few photos of what we found.

One issue that I’m not entirely clear about is the fact that no weather wrapping was installed before the bricks started going up. According to other blogs and forums I follow, the frame should be wrapped with a protective barrier that assists with condensation and moisture from entering the home. Granted, they’ve only started on the garage area, but even on the wall between the garage and home – shouldn’t it be installed there too?

Brickwork should continue for the next two to three weeks, after which time the cladding and our Colorbond roof goes on. I don’t know how well we’ll actually stay on schedule though, as it’s forecasted to rain from Tuesday on through to Friday. Hopefully this ‘fair weather bubble’ that Colebee resides in holds true, and the brickies can make good progress this week. Either way, I’ll be seeing you next weekend.


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Stefan is the regular writer for Megan & Stefan, and hails originally from San Diego, California. A resident of Australia since 2007, he write about his experiences living abroad, his love of photography, and documenting the process of building a house here in this sunburnt country he calls home. Feel free to drop him a line - he's always up for a chat.


  1. T&T says:

    mmm… i’m not sure if they do things differently in sydney, but definitely in melbourne all new houses are weather wrapped all around prior to bricking; including the “internal” wall between garage and house. Probably worth a call to your SS to check on that?

    Otherwise, looks like quick progress on your site – good stuff! are you rendering your facade?


  2. Kriss says:

    This is exciting progress! It is so fun to see the photos as your house “grows up”. Geez, our weather is a lot like yours. It appears many cities in the SF Bay Area, San Jose included, are going to set a record for coldest May. I guess we can pretend to be Australian.

  3. Megan says:

    Hi T&T. We have done our research on the wrapping and it is required in VIC for the cold insulation and in QLD for humidity but not in NSW. It pretty much does the job of what our insulation is going to do so we are all good and still on track.

    Kriss, it’s been so surreal to watch the house grow up. I can’t wait to see it with a majority of brickwork completed this weekend!

  4. John says:

    So T & T what Megan is really saying is your weather is crap so sucked in !

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