Cladding. Isn’t it a beautiful thing?

Liberty 42 with Cladding - Front

Getting closer…!

This week was a week of major changes to the house. Sure, maybe there wasn’t a lot of work actually completed, but what WAS completed changed the entire look of the house.

The week brought scattered showers, but Colebee seemed to escape the worst of it. We seem to have had weather on our side this week  – allowing for the dutch gable woodwork, the majority of cladding, the painting of said cladding, and much of the scaffolding being remove. This puts us about a week or two out from having our house look completed – at least from the outside.

As you can see from the photos, the cladding isn’t finished, nor entirely painted (the front veranda area). In fact, only the first coat has been applied. The dutch gable hasn’t been stained the Dark Oak that we requested, and the front scaffolding hasn’t been taken down. So why are we still excited? Because this will be completed relatively quickly – once the lower roof areas have been completely installed. That’s all set to be finished next week.

According to our site supervisor, come August 4th we will have our doors delivered and work starts to move inside – when the weather outside no longer matters.

It’s then when the house starts becoming a home. Until then, here’s a few more photos.


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  1. maja says:


  2. Chris King says:

    I love the siding. I wonder why they call the top of the house a roof…..why don’t they call that “topping” ? Well some food for thought but the color, and architecture are amazing. Cant wait to see more and totally excited for you two!

    Chris, Shannon & Hailey

  3. Amy says:

    I can see my room already ;)

  4. Kriss says:

    So, great! You can really see it now. I am excited for you guys.

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