A Cold morning

Frozen Tundra. Frost covers the golf course.

Frozen Tundra. Frost covers the golf course.

Western Sydney gets its fair share of cold morning, and regardless of whether you’re a cold weather fan or not, the accompanying frost makes for great views. We woke up this morning to what I believe was the coldest morning of the year thus far, and our coldest since moving in at Stonecutters Ridge. With the mercury hovering around 0c, we didn’t hesitate to turn on our fireplace. I’ve given Megan a hard time about needing a fireplace, but on mornings like this, I tend to think it was a good idea. After all, it was sold to us with the promise that it could heat our entire house. Fortunately, it has lived up to our expectations. This morning, when the ground outside was a frozen tundra, we sat inside, drinking our coffee with the house heated to a balmy 22c. Somebody get me a beach chair and a lemonade!

As for our garden, it will be interesting to see what plants survive the cold weather and make it through winter unscathed. We planted a variety of tropical looking plants, in the hopes of creating a tropical garden in our backyard. Some are pretty hardy and should do just fine, whereas others may not make it. I suppose this winter is an experiment – we don’t really know what will survive, but we knew that going into the colder months. We didn’t completely finish our garden on purpose. We planted a few of different types to see what sorts we might use more of in the future. Stay tuned! Hopefully the blog won’t turn into a plant obituary.


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