Council Inspection

Fireplace and French Doors

After talking to our inspector at Blacktown Council, we discovered that he was out at the house on Wednesday to do our final inspection, and sign off on the house. It appears that virtually everything meets their expectations and there’s just a few things left to complete before we satisfy all their concerns. Unfortunately the screening of the French doors is still one of those outstanding issues.

Council has really been dragging their heels when it comes to this issue of screening the downstairs French door and, unfortunately, Metricon hasn’t been all that helpful in providing solutions. Their idea of a solution was to try and sell us upgraded wooden French doors. Of course, that’s pretty damn expensive. If there’s one person from Metricon that DOES seem to be on our side, it’s our site supervisor. He had been such a pleasure to work with and nothing ever seems to be a hassle for him.

It’s all likely to come to a head this week, but with the help of our neighbours, our bushfire consultant, and a lot of research, we’ve got hope we can find a solution. Fingers crossed everyone – it could get ugly.

Screening issues aside, the house looks great. We were fortunate to have a look at the house this week when their were tradies on site, and it looks good. With the cleaners come and gone, small projects remain unfinished, but all in all, it’s done. Our SS has remained tight lipped about our handover date, but I’d venture to say it’s not far off. Have a look for yourself – I reckon it’s close!

Apart from the website redesign that Stefan did over the past week while waiting for a reply from Council, not much has been going on. Here’s hoping something starts moving along soon – we’re getting anxious.

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  1. Megan says:

    Amazing that even on a 45 degree angle looking out that French Door you can’t even see the reserve, yet it is causing so much trouble. I heard someone say this week you can only be defeated once you decide to stop trying. Here’s to not giving up! :)

  2. maja says:

    All right. Deep breathe and push on!

  3. Jeff says:

    Looks beautiful!! Can’t wait to come visit!

  4. Kriss says:

    Hang in there. Just envision us all lined up behind you in support… glaring.


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