Developer Approval!

Merry Christmas to us! We received our developer approval on the 24th of December! We pretty much figured this would be the most difficult step of the whole approval process.

Here’s hoping it was.

The entire developer approval took less time than it did to prepare for – 3 days! They had a few questions about our DIY landscape plan, but to be honest they were all pretty superficial questions – show a dotted line for the fence, where will the clothesline go, use the correct terminology. It was all seemingly insignificant questions and in no time flat we got the approval back and now, once Metricon gets back into the office after holidays, it’s off to Blacktown City Council for the last portion of the approval process.

We’re getting closer…

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  1. Amanda says:

    Woohoo! That is so excellent. Hopefully things go quickly at Council – I’ll let you know when we get the neighbour notification docs :)

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