Driving in reverse – more delays with Council

Roll EyesA quick update for everyone – we received an email from Blacktown Council yesterday (yes, on a Saturday) stating that regardless of the information that we sent across this week stating the bi-fold compliances, we will still require an additional bushfire report.

I think this is rediculous – all that’s happening is Council trying to wash their hands clean of any responsibility. No one wants to take control and provide concrete answers, likely due to the way society operates these days – everyone loves to shift the blame and responsibility to someone else so they’re not caught up in the blame game if something ever goes wrong.

It was good to hear what Sarah mentioned on a previous post – she was building with Metricon as well, and went over their timeline with no financial penalties ( the building contract states a price increase of 2% should you not have a site start within 150 days of putting a deposit down). It looks like that’s more or less in place for the people that drag their feet due to financial difficulties etc. Our 150 days is up on March 3rd. We’re definitely not dragging our feet – Megan especially has been working hard to get the approval across the line.

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  1. Kriss says:

    Hang in there.

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