Final Construction Plans – Complete!

new home construction plan

The final construction plans have been sent across to us, with just a few minor questions regarding some of our decisions and triple checking everything for accuracy. After all, as soon as Metricon hits the go button, we can’t make any additional changes.

Since we received our Council Approval last Thursday, and our Commencement to Start construction from our lender on Monday, Metricon has been in control of the speed in which the project progresses. Up until then, Megan and I have been used to having three or four different companies involved in the approval process. Admittedly, since Metricon took the reigns, things have sped up. It took them less than a week to review and add any Council mandated changes into the plan.

Our customer service agent made a point to get our plans to us by close of business on Friday (we received them at 4:51pm), so we had the weekend to review the required changes and check the plans for accuracy. Granted, there’s not a lot to review, but accolades to the Metricon team in getting these to us in a short period of time and allowing us to help in expediting the process to get a start to the actual build process.

I hope this continues!

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  1. Kriss says:

    That is great! I am sure it is a bit nerve racking checking and rechecking everything, but it must feel great to be so much closer to actual building!

    Thinking of you both.

  2. T&T says:

    Took us about 6 revisions to get the construction diagrams right, silly thing like doors swinging the wrong way, light switches behind doors, bulkheads at different heights etc – check every single little thing! But the great news is that now you have construction drawings, you’re only a couple weeks away from site start – yay!


  3. Stefan says:

    Six?! That’s crazy! Thanks for the tips. We should check the plans against the electrical layout we’ve received so the switches are all in good positions.

  4. Megan says:

    Great advice T&T. We just went over the plans and wouldn’t have thought to check the bulkheads etc. We luckily had our electricals planned out with software that looked at doors and how they opened so I think we’re good there. Granted, it is probably the hardest thing to try and figure out where the best place for a switch is in a house you don’t live in yet….

  5. maja says:

    Good news! Keep it comin’!

  6. SarahV says:

    So, any changes?

  7. Stefan says:

    Hi Sarah,

    They had to change the level of our bulkhead in our ensuite, and our microwave trimset was discontinued but that was everything that was brought to our attention by the builder.

    The only thing we caught was a landscape window in a bathroom that was up high but we wanted it at bath level as we paid extra for frosted glass, something that’s not really worthwhile if it’s up high.

    Your home is looking beautiful. Can’t wait to see the finished home!

  8. Kriss says:

    That is such great advice you are getting!

    We had weird things like the washer and dryer hooks were on the wrong sides, so front loading washer and dryer doors couldn’t open without hitting one another, and blocking the path to transfer clothes…

    And our house is a “track” home! You would assume issues like that had been flushed out LONG before we bought.

    So, anyhow, always good to check and recheck over and over.

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