Follow up on the 90 day inspection

Living room with bifold doorsWhile the 90 day inspection with Metricon itself went according to plan, everything since has been less than acceptable. We had a wide range of concerns and fixes that needed attending to and, unfortunately, not much has even happened.

As with any house, different tradies with different skillsets work on different stages of the house. Plumbers, carpenters, brickies – they all have their specific job that they’re experts at. So far, Metricon has sent one man to try and fix all our problems. Unfortunately, the overall work that was completed was less than satisfactory. The holes in the gyprock were patched, but the wall is wavy, and extra spackle was left to dry. I’m hoping they come back and sand it flat before painting, but that remains to be seen.Our balustrade was coming loose off the wall. Fixed? Nope, just as bad as before. The front door of the house was loose (yes, loose from the house). Fixed? yeah, sort of. It was nailed into the foundation. But now, there are holes in the wood.

They’ve got their money. Why would Metricon make fixing their mistakes a priority?

So what about the rest of the issues that needed fixing? We heard back from the door and window company that installed our bifolds, french doors, and wooden awning windows on the front of the house early last week. They booked us in for Friday. In what seems to be a common theme in this industry, Friday came and went without anyone showing up to fix our doors/windows, and not even so much of a phone call. Then, just a few days ago we received a call saying they were out of town and will come next week to attend to our concerns.

I’m not holding my breath.

After the initial 90 day inspection with Metricon, I was surpised to see a vested interest in getting our house looking the way it should. Unfortunately, it’s only gone downhill from there. Little communication, broken promises, and an overall underwhelming attitude from those involved only confirms what I’ve been thinking the entire time. They’ve got their money. Why would Metricon make fixing their mistakes a priority? After all, it’s all a negative cashflow, now.

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  1. Shayne says:

    Can’t say I am surprised unfortunately.

    I feel like they feel this way about our build and they don’t even have all their money yet!

    It’s a shame they don’t seem too worried about the increasing amount of blog posts/forum entries and comments floating around the internet to the same effect..

    Hope you guys get some better results soon ;)

  2. Getting quite concerned by the number of negative entries across the various Metricon building blog sites. We’re just starting down the road (slab down), and so I hope it’s not a sign of things to come! Hope things turn good for you soon at least…

  3. Stefan says:

    Hi guys, I think Metricon, like all builders, have issues. Building a home is stressful, but make sure you keep up on the progress, document the process, and keep the builder honest. When everything is in writing, and timelines are documented, it keeps you a little more sane. It helped me.

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