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It’s Saturday. Yet another weekend that included a trip to the house at Stonecutters Ridge. Our expectations were pretty high this week, seeing as no real work was completed last week due to a supply issue. After speaking with our site supervisor a few times during the week, we were under the impression that cladding would at least be partially installed. Unfortunately, it wasn’t.

But while we didn’t have any cladding installed, it shouldn’t be too far off. After visiting today, we discovered all the little things that have been completed in preparation for the cladding to be installed. Here’s a short summary:

    1. The soffits (the underside of the eaves) have been installed and ready for painting alongside the cladding next week.

    2. The weatherproof wrap has been wrapped around the frame as an additional moisture barrier which sits underneath the cladding.

    3. Additional wood planks have been nailed in place which will be used to attach the aforementioned cladding.

    4. Gutterguards (part of our bushfire safety requirements) have been installed on the main section of the roof.

    5. The decorative wood has been delivered for the main dutch gable at the front of the house.

      Sure, we were disappointed to see that the weatherboard wasn’t up, but it’s all onsite and ready to go. You should see it too – long slats of cladding ready to be attached. I seriously doubt it will take that long to get it installed. It looks like a relatively quick job and once it’s installed, painted, and the decorative timber is placed in the dutch gable, the scaffolding can come down and lower portions of the roof can go on. And come August 4th, we should have all our doors installed – pretty much putting us at lockup stage.

      Once again, the weather in Sydney isn’t looking promising this week, but fingers crossed it holds out long enough for the tradies to get the work done. That said, it seems as if Colebee sits in it’s own little climate. When it’s raining everywhere else, it tends to stay dry in Colebee. Here’s hoping I’m right.

      Until next time…

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      1. Kriss says:

        Looking nice and house-y! Fingers crossed for weatherboard installing weather.

      2. maja says:

        I can just hear George Lucas shouting in the background, “It’s a WRAP!”

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