Friday morning visit, & Scaffolding!

Front of house with scaffolding and guttersAfter speaking with our site supervisor earlier in the week, we arranged to meet on Friday morning before work. So, as promised, we showed up nice and early to Stonecutters Ridge. Our site supervisor was running a little late, but the tradesman installing our fascia and gutters wasn’t. He’d been out on site since the break of dawn, and was confident that he’d finish by sundown. Talk about making the most of the day!

Waiting around this morning was actually a peaceful experience. I’m really going to love living at Stonecutters Ridge. Sure it was cold (around 11c), but the mist/fog on the fairways and the bird sounds created a nice relaxing atmosphere. Additionally, the little bit of extra time that we had allowed us to have a look around the site finally, as it was unlocked with workmen on site.

We were finally able to inspect much of the brickwork up close – and we’re very impressed. The brickwork has been completed, and while they may not have been the quickest crew, the finishing work is fantastic. It really looks good, especially compared to other houses we’ve seen. Including the rain delays we had through May, I’d say it took just over a month for the bricking to be completed. No bother though – the delays shouldn’t hurt us too bad. In speaking with our site supervisor this morning, he believes we’re on target for a late September/early October handover date. Of course that could change, but it’s reassuring to hear after the terrible weather we’ve been having.

Stonecutters Ridge Fairway

So what’s to come? With the fascia and guttering to be installed today, the roof is set to be started on Monday and will likely take a good week to install. As we’ve mentioned previously, we opted for a Woodland Gray Colorbond roof. One of the caveats with installing Colorbond roofing, is that unlike tiles, it’s installed in sheets. Not only must the weather be dry, it can’t be windy either, otherwise the sheets act as sails. As you can imagine, that could prove to be problematic. So…if the weather cooperates, we should have a roof on the house by next weekend, which eases all our worries about bad weather. It also means we’re very close to lock up stage, and from a superficious angle – it actually looks like a house! And not just any house – ours.

As always, here’s a few more photos from this morning. Depending on the weather this weekend (it’s supposed to rain on Saturday), we may try and get out to the house again on Sunday to inspect the work from today. It also depends on whether Jake wants to chase the wildlife in the SCR fields.

Until next time…

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  1. Kriss says:

    It is so fun to see your house “grow up”. Keep those photos coming!

    It really is starting to look like a house. So excited for you both!

  2. Meggie B says:

    Egads. Is that a covered patio that I spy? Methinks I’ll come over for a summer cookout, whadya think? ;)

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