The garden – Lomo style

Lomo style photoThis photo isn’t great. In fact, it’s nowhere near the quality of even an entry level camera these days. The colours are obviously wrong, the highlights are blown out and the shadows are, well, black. As a photographer, I should hate this.

But I don’t.

Taken with my iPhone and a free app called LomoLomo, this image is – in my eyes – a tip of the hat to photography of yesteryear and how the imperfections of film added a bit character to the prints you’d get back from the developer.

The look and field of “Lomography” originated with an Austrian company – Lomographische. The cameras produced by the company are relatively inexpensive – and it shows. Typical lomography cameras are deliberately low-fidelity, and some cameras make use of multiple lenses and rainbow-colored flashes, or exhibit extreme optical distortions and even light leaks. In fact, the company admits, they were “charmed by the unique, colorful, and sometimes blurry” images that the camera produced. Apparently (even after spending thousands on high end photography gear), so am I.

Not everyone will like the look of this picture, but to me, it’s often the stylised look and feel of an image that gives the photo a bit of charm – something to set it apart from every other photo that comes out of the camera. I often post process my photos in different ways, depending on the subject matter. My beach photos often have vibrant colours, and those from colder climates tend to get a black and white or sepia treatment to them. Hot summer days often have a bit of yellow tinge to them, and winter photos? Yeah, a little bit of blue.

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