Gyprock is up, and the downpipes are, well…down.

Metricon's Liberty 42

FIRE! Ok, so it wasn’t technically a fire per se, but…it WAS a fireplace. Better yet, it was in our place!

After a great birthday celebration yesterday, we arrived bright and early this morning to find the gyprock up, and the four plasterers hard at work finishing up the install in preparation for the cornices and skirting early next week. After all, this needs to be installed prior to the doors and…stairs! Since there were people on site the gates were open and we took the opportunity to have a look around inside.

We visit regularly, as our neighbours are well aware of, but this visit was the first since when the frame went up, that we really noticed a considerable amount of work being done. After all, the rooms look completely different now with ‘walls’. The bifolds and french doors were completed as well. While they all look fantastic, the bifolds just really pop. They better - after all the trouble we went through getting them approved by council. They look fantastic and I look forward to having an outdoor room that these open out onto on a warm summer day. I can taste the BBQ already. We did notice that some of the brick along the bottom needed to be ripped out to fit the doors end. Not sure why, but I’m confident it will look just as good when replaced.

So here’s a quick list about what we noticed was completed this week:

Drain downpipes
Cladding above the garage
Bifold doors installed
French doors affixed to the frames
Fireplace installed

Missing Wall in the bookshelves

Missing wall for the back of the shelves...

We did notice a few things we’ll have to bring up with our site supervisor, but all in all, it’s looking great. The biggest issue we noticed was the shelves on either side of the fireplace. As standard, they’re see-through. Unfortunately we opted to close them up on the living room side, and have shelving on the sitting room side only. I don’t know how they will fix this, but I’d assume they’ll need to rip the gyprock out in this area and frame that wall up appropriately.

All in all though, the house is looking great. We’ve been happy with the quality of work that has been done by Metricon thus far, and looking at our newly installed walls, we’ve got nice straight lines and 90 degree corners. I’m sure this won’t be an issue to fix. Our site supervisor has been very attentive to our concerns thus far. For now, on to the pictures!

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  1. T&T says:

    Hey guys – looks really, really good! Hope you’re in before xmas, as those bifolds will really open things up for summer living. Wouldn’t stress too much about that missing wall behind the shelves, a relatively simple fix. Facade is looking great, definitely the best choice for a Liberty :)


  2. Kriss says:

    Those are some beautiful doors! So great to see the good progress.

  3. maja says:

    Gorgeous! Those doors especially. We like the momentum.


  1. […] had guards on them, and most of the internal doors were in place! It’s worth noting that the missing walls next to the fireplace were being fixed while we were on site. Well done to the team, getting this fixed in a timely […]

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