Hilltop Balinese in San Diego

The ViewWithin the rolling hills of San Diego, it’s not uncommon to find hilltop homes with sweeping vistas of the San Diego landscape. But finding a home with Balinese features and open plan living can be a bit more difficult.

A few weeks ago I flew to San Diego (where I grew up) for a good friends wedding and was very impressed with the venue he and his bride to be had chosen. A home owned by a friend of the bride and groom, this Balinese styled hilltop home had an amazing view all the way to the Pacific Ocean, framed by all the features and landscaping you’d expect from a Balinese villa in the South Pacific.

Hilltop Balinese Home

With a vanishing edge pool framing the spectacular view, it’s easy to see how this ‘hideaway’ could be the perfect spot for a special event. Just outside of Escondido, California, it is surrounded by the desert sage landscape that is synonomous with Southern California, yet styled with tropical plants – many of which we’ve chosen for our home here in Australia because of the ability to tolerate drought conditions. Good thing too, as San Diegians have recently been required to start conserving water, something Australians have been familiar with for years.

Hilltop BalineseLike it? Me too. Love it? You’re in luck. It’s for sale. At a cool $3.3 million, you too can have 5 bedrooms and 6.5 baths of Balinese inspired luxury with a view that stretches to the Pacific Ocean. And you’re guaranteed to have your privacy here. There’s one home on a nearby hilltop, but your closest neighbours will be coyotes, rabbits, and the occasional deer. Heck, the bathrooms don’t even have blinds!



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