How safe is Sydney?

I’m holding out that humanity still has a sliver of respect left. On days like today, I cringe for the future of this world.

This morning, just hours before I arrived for work, a private security guard was shot and killed in an attempted robbery in the lobby of the building in which I work. The armed gunmen only got away with the security guards gun, but stole a whole lot more – a man’s life.

Shooting of Chubb's guard at Sussex Street

Before moving to Australia from the United States, this kind of violence was more common than it is here. But Australia’s attention and reaction to this event is the kind of reaction I’d expect to such a mindless and horrible act.  Maybe it is because the shooting happened in a popular business district and tourist area of the city, or perhaps it’s because this kind of act was still able to happen, despite Australia’s strict gun laws. Either way, the loss of life is not loss of deaf ears here.

It’s a sad event – one that has occurred entirely way to close for comfort. It’s not the first time I’ve seen a crime committed within walking distance of my office. Only a few weeks ago, a lady had her belongings stolen in broad daylight. We witnessed the robber running off through one of the most popular tourist areas of Sydney. I’ve never felt unsafe in the city, nor had Sydney picked as an unsafe and crime ridden destination. With these events happening in rapid succession, I’m starting to think otherwise.

I’m in the process of building a home, and these kind of senseless acts of violence make me realise the importance and value of a home security system. I suppose you can never be too careful.

In any event, rest in peace Mr Allibon – you didn’t deserve this.

Do you feel safe in your own home?

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Stefan is the regular writer for Megan & Stefan, and hails originally from San Diego, California. A resident of Australia since 2007, he write about his experiences living abroad, his love of photography, and documenting the process of building a house here in this sunburnt country he calls home. Feel free to drop him a line - he's always up for a chat.


  1. V says:

    I grew up in South Africa and spent the last decade in London, UK. I have only been touched by crime personally twice and both times were in London. I’ve been in Sydney since 2009 and am only just learning to relax if I forget to lock my car doors when driving. A devastating loss of the life of someone precious in South Africa lingers still in my memory. My heart goes out to all those who have been affected in some way by mindless heinous crime. I really like your website, thanks for your generosity.

  2. JL says:

    I’ve been living in Brisbane for 5 years and will move to Sydney in the coming week. Hearing stories of serious crime that happened in Sydney for the past few years, I’m starting to feel concerned. How could such an event boldly occur in the middle of the city where people are supposed to feel safe? How come should residents feel threatened when getting on a train at late night? Originally coming from one of the most safe cities in the world, I feel puzzled.

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