Our Landscaping Progress

Backyard tropical landscaping progress

It seems like just about every weekend lately, we’re either at the nursery or at Bunnings, getting plants or tools that help keep us hard at work in the garden. With the weather cooling down (slightly), it has driven productivity and allowed us to make some good progress with the garden.

While we’ve still got a long way to go, things are actually starting to take shape. The lawn survived the extreme heat wave a few weeks back, and now seems healthy on a deep water every fortnight or so. The garden itself is taking shape too. The builder left us the unused bricks (more than we even asked for) and we’ve taken to using them as edging around the lawn. Using sand cement, I’ve solidified their position along the lawn, and ensured there’s no way the runners from our Palmetto grass will make it’s way into the garden beds.

A tip for laying bricks: As much as you’d like to bury the bricks as deep as possible, leave them sticking up slightly. For new lawns such as ours, we’ll be adding top dressing to it over the next few years to even it out and we’ll want it to be level with the top of the bricks when we’re finished.

The plants did a pretty good job in the extreme heat as well. While virtually all our plants are full sun, we did have a few part shade plants that we built temporary shade covers for in an attempt to protect the leaves from burning. Of course, we ended up the garden a little more regularly than we would have otherwise. Our neighbour Amanda gave us a bit of insight on watering during hot weather:

A tip for watering your garden: “Don’t water in the middle of the day or while the plant is in full sun. When a plant is heat stressed, it draws water up to its leaves and will burn if it’s still in full sun.”

We made this mistake and a few plants suffered, but once we stopped doing this (and watered during the evening hours), not a single plant had any burnt leaves.

At any rate, while slow going, the progress is noticable. I think the project that’s taking the longest is the brick edging. With my head to the ground, stringlines in place, and a level in my hand, I’m trying my hardest to ensure the edging is straight, and the final product will look good (ie. not amateurish). In the meantime, here’s a few iPhone photos that I took during my mid-morning break yesterday. It appears that Jake is enjoying the yard. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Backyard tropical landscaping progress

Backyard tropical landscaping progress

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  1. Kriss says:

    I think the yard looks great! And I especially like the happy Jake dog sculptures you’ve sprinkled through out the yard. ; )

  2. Stefan says:

    Yes, the dog sculptures really tie the yard together. ;)

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