Learning photography? Start with an SLR Camera Simulator

Canon EOS 1000D DSLRWhile the cost of Digital SLR cameras themselves are falling, the price of associated lenses and accessories aren’t. So how do you justify buying a larger, more complicated camera?

Often people purchase a digital SLR camera thinking their photos will “automatically” be of professional quality and unfortunately, that’s not the case. Just because you have a larger camera, with more options and “a bunch more megapixels” than your point and shoot, it doesn’t mean that your pictures will magically turn into wall hangers. To get that to happen, you need to be able to harness the power of your new camera and understand how to use it.

Without going out and spending the money on a camera, your options are limited. But thanks to the folks at camerasim.com, you can now play around with a virtual DSLR to get a feel for what sort of settings are associated with a DSLR camera, and what effects you can achieve when used correctly. So check out the SLR Camera Simulator, and let us know what you think.

Even an experienced photographer could find the simulator useful. I know I did.

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