Making Stonecutters Ridge a community

There’s a lot to be said about getting to know your neighbours and making your neighbourhood a close-knit community. I think Stonecutters Ridge is well on its way.

After putting our heads together over at the Stonecutters Ridge thread at Home1, future and existing residents of Stonecutters Ridge decided it would be worthwhile and beneficial to have a community website and forum that catered to those who will live at Stonecutters Ridge.

Today, after a week and a half of a number of future residents donating their time and resources to get the site off the ground, The Stonecutters Ridge Community website launched with a forum for future residents, course members, and the curious public to collaborate to create a neighbourhood that is welcoming and familiar the day you arrive.

Three sections of the site cater to the three different groups of visitors. The public section will answer questions about the course, provide insight for prospective residents, and allow golf afficianados a place to meet like-minded people.

The second second section will cover all things related to the course and clubhouse and allow members to get to know each other and provide a virtual community until the permanent clubhouse is built.

The last section is a private section for Stonecutters Ridge residents only. It’s designed to be a private area where residents can get to know their neighbours, plan get-togethers, and share information that they wouldn’t otherwise want to share over the web for various privacy concerns.

While it’s only day one, the uptake has already been fantastic, and we’re already looking forward to watching the site grow, and watching the community come together. If you’ve been looking at building at Stonecutters Ridge, or have already purchased a lot, come join us! We look forward to meeting you.

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