Meet Bryce

BryceOn October 2nd, 2011 at exactly 12pm (and weighing a hefty 4.62kg), Megan and I welcomed Bryce into this crazy world. Instantly, we were in love. Born at Norwest Private Hospital in Sydney, we spent a few days recuperating before coming home and settling in to a house that really feels like a home now. Jake, our Labrador, is adjusting well to this new family member, trying to bring him a toy every time he starts to cry. Thoughtful, but not the most sanitary of settling techniques.

As you can imagine, he has become our newest project – one that will persist for years to come. We like our projects. First it was moving to Australia, then getting engaged and subsequently married, followed by building our house. But this project – this beautiful boy, will be my favourite yet.

About Stefan
Stefan is the regular writer for Megan & Stefan, and hails originally from San Diego, California. A resident of Australia since 2007, he write about his experiences living abroad, his love of photography, and documenting the process of building a house here in this sunburnt country he calls home. Feel free to drop him a line - he's always up for a chat.


  1. Kriss says:

    He is just adorable. I cannot wait to meet him!
    I am so excited for you both. What an joyous start to this long term “project”!

    Big hugs.

  2. Claudia & Marlon says:

    Congratulations to you both. This is the start of a fantastic journey. Enjoy

  3. Paula says:

    Hi! I was googling about Australia and found this very nice blog. My congratulations to mom & dad, and welcome Bryce! Regards, Paula Sao Paulo, Brazil

  4. Jane says:

    Congratulations! Children are such wonderful projects, good to know Jake is coping too!

  5. Shayne says:

    Congratulations on the new arrival!!!

    I somehow have missed all your posts in the last few months ;)

    Hope you are all settling in to being a family nicely!

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