Merry Christmas!

Merry ChristmasMerry Christmas everyone! This year it seems like Christmas is going to be relatively low key. We’re in the process of moving out of our old place, as we need to be out by January 8th, and it seems like all we can think about is being in the new house by Christmas next year. We’re likely to move in some time in September/October next year, which will be just about perfect – it’ll give us a few months to get ready for my family to come visit from the States. While my parents have been out a number of times, it’ll be the first trip out for my brother, my sister-in-law, and my neice.

So, I’m not very good at it, and it’s not necessarily my cup of tea, but Megan is already planning on how to decorate the new house for Christmas next year. While she’s got a great sense for decorating, she HAS already made it known to me that our upstairs front balcony will have a big blow up Santa on it. Over the top? Probably. Expensive? Likely. But what the heck – it’s Christmas isn’t it? What’s wrong with going a bit over the top?

Happy Holidays!

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