Metricon’s 90 Inspection

Inspection ReportFor a company who’s administration team isn’t know for prompt replies, we were sure something was wrong with our inspection report when we received a call not five minutes after emailing it across.

Our 90 day inspection is approaching (hard to believe it!), and with that comes the task of gathering up the list of all things that need to be repaired or looked after by Metricon’s warranty department.

Now out of the hands of our site supervisor, we’ve been assigned a Metricon inspector who will meet with us at a specified time to address any of our concerns around defects in our new home. Prompt by any standard, the administration team called to schedule a time for the inspector to meet with us not five minutes after mailing in our list of defects. Hopefully fixing the issues we have will be just as quick.

We’re pretty happy with the quality of Metricon’s build but, like any new home, you’re bound to find some problems that need to be rectified. After all, no one would build your home with the same care and attention you’d build it with.

Here’s a few of the issues we’ll be addressing during the inspection.

  1. Paint on the exterior bricks – On the side of the house there are hand prints from the painters when they painted the cladding. It looks like a preschoolers art project.
  2. Cat5 cabling – We upgraded our internal internet wiring to Cat6, a faster, higher quality data cable so the home would be future proofed. After all, we live in a Telstra Velocity neighbourhood, and our internet speeds are significantly faster than elsewhere. We readily get 98mbps download speeds. While Cat5 can handle this, if speeds were to ever increase, we could be bottlenecked, as the line from the Telstra hub (outside the house), to the hub inside was wired with Cat5, while the rest of the house was correctly wired with Cat6. Sorry Metricon, not going to budge on this one.
  3. Loose handrail – The handrail on our stairs is loose from the wall. Not a big one, but it will be nice to get this fixed.
  4. Door replacement – A bigger issue. One of our French Doors is warped from sitting in the rain during the build. While it still securely locks, the top of the door (ironically) still lets water in when it rains. I’m all for outdoor living, but not when I’m inside.
  5. Scratches on glass – Our ensuite bathroom has scratches on it from installation. Not much to say about this, but not acceptable.
  6. Poor finishing – In hard to reach spaces, between door jambs and wall joints, there’s a bit of poor finishing. It’s not readily obvious, as it’s generally in the enclosed toilet areas, but it’s still something that needs to be addressed.

These are just a few of the issues that will be addressed. I think Metricon was a bit optimistic in sending us an inspection form with room to list only around six or seven issues. So, we took the liberty of printing out or somewhat more ‘extensive’ list on the back of it. Once addressed, and once we meet with the inspector, I’ll be sure to report back on how they handled the review of our concerns. Until then, take care.

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  1. T&T says:

    Hey guys – yes the 90 day service arrives fast. We submitted about 20 items on our list. When the inspector first comes out, he/she checks everything on that list, then writes up a new list of things they’re *actually* going to fix. We put things in that we knew probably wouldn’t be fixed, tiny cracks in cornice joins, architraves etc. There was a stain on our bathroom stone benchtop that we couldn’t get out; at first the inspector wouldn’t write it down on the final fixing list, but we pushed for it to be *written down*. If it’s not written down they don’t have to fix it.

    ALso when fixing our garage door, there’s some cornice repair and repainting that needs to be done, so i’m going to follow up on that.

    fortunately the items you’ve written about so far seem fairly minor, and should be accepted as service items. Have your original contract handy somewhere when the inspector comes, in case you do need to point out it specified cat 6 (not cat5) cable. Also take photos of everything with/without flash for your own records before the inspector comes.

    We still have about half the items left to be fixed, but so far the service is going OK.


  2. Kriss says:

    Your list looks like a typical “new house repair” list. Our list was very similar, at least.

    I agree, stick to your guns on the cat6 wiring. I wish I had been more agressive in fighting some of our wiring issues. They offered to fix things by tearing up our newly painted walls and ceilings which turned me into scaredy cat!

    Good luck with efficient and quality repairs!

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