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Stonecutters Ridge Neighbourhood Panorama

As Sydney sits through another week of very wet and windy weather, we find ourselves inside – grumbling about how we hate the rain. Oddly enough, it’s a change for us. We’re usually big fans of wet and rainy days, where you can sit by the fire and enjoy a cup of tea (or coffee in my case) and listen to the rain beat down on the Colorbond roof (a big plus in our book, and a major reason why we went with Colorbond over tile). After a few days (which brought a month’s worth of rain), this weekend cleared up, and gave us a chance to dry out a bit. Anxious to rid ourselves of Cabin fever, we took a trip out to Stonecutters Ridge today – mostly as a chance to stretch our legs and walk the dog, but also to check on the house with that faint glimmer of hope that, despite all the rain, progress had been made. Surprisingly, some had!

The south side of the lot is sloped slightly, which aided in the runoff of the rainwater, allowing the brickies to continue to brick despite most of the lot having the consistency of oatmeal. In an attempt to keep our shoes clean, and the dog ‘unmuddy’, we took a stroll around the neighbourhood. There are quite a few homes in-progress, including three other Metricon homes – all yet to be determined models. We’re a step ahead most, so it’ll be fun to watch these homes be completed, and have the chance to welcome the families to the neighbourhood. Knock on wood – we’ll be in by then.

In other news, Greg Norman stopped by the development earlier this week, and fortunately our neighbour Amanda was home to capture the visit. While it was a brief visit during his whirlwind trip through Australia, I am sticking to my story in which he was there checking on our brickies. Sadly, it didn’t seem to help the progress.

So what’s next? Assuming the weather holds out, our roof is next in line after bricking is finished. Knowing our head-brickie has an upcoming holiday to Melbourne (before which bricking must be completed), I’d like to think he’ll make our job a priority. We met up with Amanda and Brad during our visit today, and she said she has occasionally seen him sitting under our veranda at 6:30am for a half hour or more, hoping the rain will lighten up. While it’s frustrating to not see any progress, I must admit – it’s probably a little bit bigger of an issue when the weather keeps you from getting paid. All his hardwork is definitely appreciated, and the work that has been done thus far looks excellent.

Until next time…

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  1. maja says:

    Well at least a little work was done huh?

  2. Belinda says:

    Stefan your house is looking great, your photos are great, where were you standing for the last photo(over looking stonecutters ridge)?

  3. Stefan says:

    Hi Belinda,

    Thank you for the kind words. I took this up towards the back of the development, near the home on Bolger Place.

  4. Belinda says:

    i thought so, you were standing on my block of land lol great photo

  5. Stefan says:

    Ah ha! You have a wonderful view. I’m happy to pass along a higher resolution photo if you’re interested.

  6. Belinda says:

    that would be great i love the photo, i’v been watching your progress we cant wait to start building, my husband has friends coming over from overseas next year & is hoping to be in the house. i love the photos of your dog (we are dog lovers)

  7. Kriss says:

    I hope the weather lets up soon for both you guys and the head-brickie!


  1. […] fantastic. It really looks good, especially compared to other houses we’ve seen. Including the rain delays we had through May, I’d say it took just over a month for the bricking to be completed. No bother though – […]

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