Off-lead dog park? Yes please

At Stonecutters Ridge there’s a nice big field to kick the ball around. They’ve even built a nice playground. They’re definitely catering to the new families that will be moving in to the neighbourhood. But what about the families with dogs?

In the Sydney Metro area, more households have dogs than children. The Lord Mayor of Sydney has recognised this and has been a proponent of creating more dog friendly areas across the city. 73% of the 1527 public submissions sent to the city backing proposals to make the inner city a friendlier place for canines, and staff have recommended turning 44 of the city’s 350 parks and reserves into areas where unleashed dogs can play under their owners’ supervision at any time of the day or night.

Only three parks – Edmund Resch Reserve in Redfern, Joynton Park in Zetland and Embarkation Park in Potts Point – currently have such provisions. Eighteen others allow dogs off-leash only between 6pm and 8am.

Stonecutters Ridge, once finished, will be a huge development – upwards of 800 new homes. Nevermind the fact that the surrounding area is slated for major development over the coming decade as well. With all the new homes, someone must realise that there will be heaps of new family pets – pets that will need a good place to exercise.

Currently there’s an offlead dog park in Quaker’s Hill, the neighbouring suburb to Colebee (where Stonecutters Ridge is located), but let’s be honest here. It’s a sorry excuse for a dog park. Neglected and underused, this either needs a major makeover, or Blacktown Council should put a portion of an existing free space aside as a fenced in, dog friendly play area. Dogs need proper exercise just as much as the rest of us.

Is it too much to ask? Who’s with me?

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  1. Stefan says:

    Hi Sarah,

    That’s great to know. We’ll have to search out the Rouse Hill one. We’re likely to be out in that area quite a bit anyways.


  2. SarahV says:

    Hi Stefan, I’ll have to look that one up Quakers Hill as we are close to there and I don’t know it. Just to let you know there is a great one at Rouse Hill. It’s the park that you can see from Windsor Road near the old Rouse Hill shops, and it sort of looks like a cricket pitch with a white wooden fence the whole way around it. It’s a great dog park, and the kids love going there. I agree, there should be more around.

  3. Belinda says:

    hi stefan,
    i just wanted to let you know their is a dog field in glendenning where they hold dog training & also their is one in doonside that is part of the new Sydney Western parklands ( the track that you can ride or walk on). i have lived here all my life & we are also moving in to stonecutters so if you need to know anything i’m happy to share with you. we also have a dog & no children & we take her to the glendenning one all the time

  4. Selina Wong says:

    Rouse hill has a great dog park on Adelphi Road and lovely people but BEWARE! A grey and white bulldog with a pink harness attacked my dog today. It was not the first time it has happened. The bulldog has previously ripped my dog’s ear. Today, the same bulldog had its jaw locked on the top of my dog’s head and wouldn’t let go. It’s owner didn’t do a thing about it.

    I understand my dog (chihuahua/pom) snarled at it, but the owner should at least take responsibility and have a muzzle on it.

    It was sad to see and talk to other visitors who had asked us if our dog was ok and felt they had to hold their dogs until the bulldog left.

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