Our certifier has gone missing!

Fenceless House

As if the idea of a looming PCI wasn’t enough to stress us out about how little time we have left, Megan made a call to Council on Monday to see how our certifier was progressing with information on the French Doors we sent him last week. He was out of the office.

He wasn’t just out of the office, he had gone on holiday for four weeks and didn’t bother to let us know. If we hadn’t followed up with him (like that’d happen), we would have been sitting by idly thinking stuff was progressing along nicely. Note to self – nothing ever progresses along nicely when dealing with Council.

Megan spoke to a coworker of his, and it appears that our certifier has no apparent notes on our situation, nor has he passed along our case to anyone else. What were we supposed to do?

We immediately called our site supervisor and he gave us a bit of advice about how we now need to tackle the situation. Much of our work now looks to be done by working with an independent bushfire consultation (Ecological Australia) who we’ve been working with ever since Council first raised an issue with the Merbau bi-fold doors.

In speaking to our bushfire consultant today, 40cm aluminium kickplates on the doors would put Councils fears at ease. These can be attached to the bottom of doors. This may prove to the be the easiest (and cheapest) way to go.

At any rate, that’s where we stand with the whole Council issue at the moment. So close…!

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  1. Arthur Y says:

    I’m glad it sounds like that solution won’t be visually obtrusive nor (hopefully) too damaging to the pocketbook. It still frustrates me to no end that it is up to you to basically pave the way for this company to continue to sell these upgrades without having them approved. I am incredulous as to how they can sell a product that does not meet modern safety codes and then basically leaves you to fight the battles. I greatly admire you two for your patience and dedication to getting these issues resolved, but I am angry that Metricon will undoubtedly continue to sell your upgrades telling new buyers that ‘yes, they are council-approved, see look at this home!’.

  2. Kriss says:


    If the council guy didn’t pass off your job during his holiday, and didn’t leave notes, can you get a new, fresh council guy? I mean he isn’t there to approve it, so someone else must be available? I am so frustrated for you guys, but maybe this could get you a new, better person?

    Well, anyhow, I hope there are pretty, non-intrusive kick plates for you guys – or magic invisible ones, that would be good. You are owed something magical in this build. =)

    Hang in there. You are so close!

  3. maja says:

    Oh yikes. If I were one to bite fingernails, mine would be gone.

  4. Sandrine says:

    Crossing fingers and toes for you both. Hopefully the aluminium kickplates will be all you have to do to resolve this and get the green light.

  5. Shayne says:

    Oh wow – will it ever end?!

    I sincerely hope this whole situation is sorted out really soon!!

    I have a random question about the build after looking through your build photos :) There is one looking through your pantry to your laundry and I couldn’t help but notice that the shelving in your pantry have that lovely “finished” off look with the ‘railing’ along the front of the shelves. Did you choose that as an upgrade?

    I noticed it in all the displays and have since noticed it in quite a few of the blogs I have been reading :)

    Really looking forward to hearing that you have a handover date soon!!


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