Our garage door

Our garage door

As far as we’re aware, there hasn’t been any progress on our french door issue, but our preoccupation with that issue temporarily subsided when our neighbour sent across a picture this morning…of our new garage door!

It’s a “dark oak” wood look Colorbond door! Obviously cheaper than a real wood door, it will also require a lot less maintanence than real wood would. After all, I’m already having to look after all the other wooden doors, windows, and gable in-fills. I reckon I’ll be getting really good at sanding and staining over the next few years.

All from me today – not much else happening, but thought I’d share nonetheless.

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  1. maja says:

    Don’t you think that the color looks like the color of our house soffett?

  2. Stefan says:

    True, it’s a very similar colour!

  3. Craig says:

    Stefan, is that the Caoba Colorgrain in Tuscan style? If so, we picked the same (albeit a last minute variation with Studio M administration fee to boot!).

    Should mention that we were inspired by your brick choice and also settled on the Whitsunday Brampton.

    House is looking great!


  4. Stefan says:

    Hey mate, to be honest I can’t remember. I think Megan took care of this decision – all I remember is choosing a “dark oak wood” look Colorbond door. Thanks for the kind words – hope everything is progressing smoothly for you guys.

  5. Shayne says:

    Looks great! Love the gables too :)

    Our garage door is ‘Caoba’ so I’m keen to see if will be the same one. Craig – I bet they slugged you for that change!

  6. Kriss says:

    Looks great! Sending “quick and easy decision on the fire screens” vibes your way.

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