Outstanding warranty issues: Update

I’ve been slack on updating. Funny how life can shift your priorities. Bryce is growing like a weed – smiling, giggling, and just bringing a whole lot of happiness to our lives. Things all of a sudden feel like they’re in fast forward. Unfortunately, addressing the outstanding warranty issues feels like it’s progressing at a snails pace.

Over a month later, we still have a lot of the issues we brought up with Metricon outstanding. The Christmas holidays brought things to a screeching halt, and all the rain that Sydney has been getting caused numerous delays. Even a bit of bad luck delayed the replacement of our ensuite mirror (On their way here, the driver went over a speed bump too fast and the mirror broke!). But with that said, a few items have been addressed.

Things ARE moving ahead. I have to credit Metricon with their attentiveness. Ever since their State Building Manager got involved, we’ve received consistent updates from the head office, regardless of the actual progress around the home. We’ve had a few of the creaks in the floor boards upstairs fixed, the scratched glass in the front door replaced, and a few odds and ends around the house repaired, repainted, and redone. We even got the refund check to cover the extra cost of the CAT6 cabling that was made redundant due to the “street-to-hub” cabling be installed as CAT5. Unfortunately, we had to send it back, as Metricon spelled both of our names wrong, and even used Megan’s maiden name instead of mine (we’ve been married since before we even started building).

While we’ve been a little frustrated about the slower than expected speeds, Metricon’s approach to the remaining warranty issues has been more proactive than usual. The tradesmen that were replacing the scratched glass in the front door inspected our bifold doors in the rear of the house, and noticed additional scratches that we’d missed. An unusual experience, but nevertheless welcomed!

So, it continues. We’re closer to the finish line and, while it IS slow going at best, at least the lines of communication are well and truly open with Metricon.


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