Outstanding warranty issues: Update

I’ve been slack on updating. Funny how life can shift your priorities. Bryce is growing like a weed – smiling, giggling, and just bringing a whole lot of happiness to our lives. Things all of a sudden feel like they’re in fast forward. Unfortunately, addressing the outstanding warranty issues feels like it’s progressing at a snails pace.

Over a month later, we still have a lot of the issues we brought up with Metricon outstanding. The Christmas holidays brought things to a screeching halt, and all the rain that Sydney has been getting caused numerous delays. Even a bit of bad luck delayed the replacement of our ensuite mirror (On their way here, the driver went over a speed bump too fast and the mirror broke!). But with that said, a few items have been addressed.

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Metricon warranty issues: resolved (sort of)

We moved into our house in November of 2010. It’s almost 2012, and we’ve still been “working” with Metricon to address the outstanding issues from what was originally supposed to be our 90 day inspection (Side Note: A 90 day inspection is typically when the inspection is held, but lord knows when the issues are actually fixed.). Finally, after complaining posting on Twitter  (Kudos to Metricon for managing their social media channels!), Metricon contacted us directly and scheduled a time for their NSW Building Manager to meet us and inspect the final issues we had that were related to the initial inspection (hence the lack of updates lately…). Were we finally getting somewhere?

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One year on…

One Year OnOne year ago today, we received the keys to our new Metricon home. Looking back over the past year, we really have done a lot. Between landscaping, painting, and the odd project here and there, we’ve been successful in making our house a home. While we’re happy with the product that Metricon provided, their follow up on outstanding concerns has been lacking.

In a nutshell, one year on, and we’re still waiting for over half of our concerns from our 90 day inspection to be addressed. What’s worse, is that we haven’t heard from Metricon in over a month, despite regular emails and calls to the head office.

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Spring has sprung

Our backyard in spring.Bryce’s arrival in early October was perfect timing. Gone were the cold nights and frosty mornings – we were opening up the windows and bi-folds to enjoy the warmer temperatures and cool breezes. So was our garden.

This winter was, by all accounts, an unusually cold winter. Our neighbour counted 21 frosty mornings this year (at one point 5 consecutive days!), compared to 6 the year prior. While cozy when sitting by the fire, it’s not ideal for the garden. But with that said, our plants did surprisingly well considering the requirements for a tropical garden. The casualties can be counted on just one hand.

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Meet Bryce

BryceOn October 2nd, 2011 at exactly 12pm (and weighing a hefty 4.62kg), Megan and I welcomed Bryce into this crazy world. Instantly, we were in love. Born at Norwest Private Hospital in Sydney, we spent a few days recuperating before coming home and settling in to a house that really feels like a home now. Jake, our Labrador, is adjusting well to this new family member, trying to bring him a toy every time he starts to cry. Thoughtful, but not the most sanitary of settling techniques.

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